The Truth About EOS Founder Daniel Larimer!

Dan Larimer I want you to know the TRUTH!
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28 thoughts on “The Truth About EOS Founder Daniel Larimer!

  1. Its all hot air and dreams and too much cum from playing with your self's and the nerds will not work an real job in their lives and when it falls to under 10 cents they will all jump off an 30 level building like they did in 1929

  2. Immagine a blockchain that hackers can't hack anymore. Welcome to EOS, welcome to the future! Mass adoption here we come baby!!!😀
    EOS makes Ethereum look like an Atari 2600. EOS will overtake Bitcoin as the number one cryptocurrency. EOS is more decentralized than 90% of existing cryptocurrencys. EOS is revolutionary and will catapult blockchain technology into mass adoption. EOS is 10 years ahead of it's time and too complicated for most to understand at this point. Welcome to the future.

  3. Go real Gold and crypto as TRON…Ripple and Theta (rank 82)— Never put your money into projects that only have a website and a whitepaper.. Look at EOS. I think that should be enough. I mean if you want to risk it and ride the “hype” wave, feel free.

  4. People always hate things they dont understand. From ancient history. From the first lightning. The more gullable and ignorant people are, the more they are prone to that. Some eventually learn they can use the lightning to make fire, some wont be able to surpass the fear and will sacrifise virgins every week to calm down the gods. Guess which of those are the once that stay behind..? It is just the way it is. Some simply call it… evolution. 😉

    Remember the "Btc is a scam" fudsters back in 2011? Remember the "Eth is a scam" just over a year ago?

    So…it is all perfectly normal and right where it is supposed to be at this early moment in time.. 😉

  5. eos is the beggist overvalued coin out there and everything will always go in correction when sth was a "bubble"-wich eos certanly is.still .everybody who wants to get out,its might be not a bad idea.

  6. EOS doesn't aim to be like Bitcoin, repeating what already exists, but to create a new internet, where people gets to vote on how the whole ecosystem evolves (including BPs and etc). To me EOS looked more like a democratized internet, than a highly decentralized crypto. To own EOS tokens, you are essentially owning a real estate piece of the EOS platform, where dApps can actually be run on top of — while highly decentralized cryptocurrencies can still provide the other layers where decentralization becomes a necessity or when and if desired.

    Right now, the governance of EOS is still at its infancy, and gradually what can be translated into codes and contracts will surely be, and the task of assesses cases of thefts and scams will be handled by specially trained arbitrators rather than any of the BPs themselves, and I envision that decisions will then be logged and issued via "contractual code" to then enable BP to carry out the actions needed.

    The so-called "freeze" wasn't even a real freeze, as even though the participating BPs have agreed after a very long deliberations and debate to blacklist transactions from those addresses, transactions by the scammer can still slip past them through the other BPs who are not participating in the blacklisting. BPs can be voted in and out of action by the community, and the votes are assess every 3 seconds.

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