Online casino scam mistakes – Compilation

Everybody knows the house is always the winner, but, sometimes they accidentally show us why.

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*** this video falls under fair use, as it is a highlight reel, and ive done the editing myself, and found the clips myself aswell.***


36 thoughts on “Online casino scam mistakes – Compilation

  1. you gotta be crazy to gamble online even with these live places that came about after the old ones… i live in Jew Jersey.. i mean New Jersey.. stuff like this has people losing everything.. and atlantic city is in my state.. just go to a casino… at least you will get drunk for free of the free drinks so the raping you get isnt as bad!!!

  2. Play online Casinos is stil much better. They payouts are higher and you not annoyed of other People begging you for Money. It dont stink like Cigarettes and you dont have to be scared to get robbed. You just have to find good Casinos. at www. askgamblers there are proven Casinos to be good and voted by the Players. Anyway i dont advise someone to start Gambling.

  3. They should close this online shit ,they make people in misery with out money . And if you go to casino and know how to win they banned you . How can people have this kind of business . Some one needs to take action against this company's and close them . I lost some money , not much but I know that they cheat . I believe is many people play this games and no one win nothing. Stop gambling online people ,you will loose your money and get stress and depressive .

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