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In a college hostel, where students survive on instant noodles, what will happen if a serial food thief starts operating? In such dire circumstances, students turn towards the Hostel Police to catch that thief & bring him to justice. Watch what happens in Hostel Crime Patrol! #LPU #ThinkBig

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TVF’s Hostel Crime Patrol credits:

Written by: Himanshu Chouhan
Directed by: Anandeshwar Dwivedi
DOP: Shree Namjoshi
Edited by: Sahil Verma
Music: Vaibhav Bundhoo
Production Design: Abhimanyu Jai
Creative Producer: Shreyansh Pandey
Supervising Producer: Mehboob Pal Singh Brar
Associate Director: Harmanpreet Singh
Line Producer: Sahil Dev (Dev Talkies)
Chief Assistant Director: Abhay Pannu
Costume Stylist: Reena Harpalani
Assistant Directors: Gurleen Kaur
Color Graded By: Amit Kulkarni
Graphics: Lengdon Phukan, Pritam Kumar
Associate DOP: Kunal Hassanandani
Assitant Production Designer: Nirmal Poddar
Assitant Editor: Naresh, Rohan, Paresh
Post Production Supervisor: Garvit Janshali
Content Strategy: Mrinal Pant
Sync Sound: Manas Bal
Production Manager: Shlok Gupta
Unit Production Manager: Jitendra ‘Abhi’ Garud
Head of Brand Partnerships: Vijay Koshy
Head of Brand Solutions: Vyom Charaya
Brand Sales and Solutions Team: Puneet Shuka, Ambrish Verma, Prateek Gujral
Marketing: Vineet Kanabar, Aakash Chaturvedi, Shailendra Patil, Devashish Sharma, Brijesh Muliya, Chirag Chitlangia, Dhananjay Nachar, Radhika Vijay, Orville D’souza
Finance: Manish Saini, Nikita Joshi
Legal: Megha Gupta
Location: Lovely Proffesional University

Cast: Anandeshwar Dwivedi, Shivankit Parihar, Shivankit Parihar, Badri Chavan, Abhinav Anand, Himanshu Chouhan, Prateek Gujral, Abhimanyu Jai, Chote Miyan, Sachin Negi, Sahil Dev, Harmanpreet Singh, Abhay Pannu, Nitin Kumar, Harpreet Singh, Rahul Rajpal

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31 thoughts on “Hostel Crime Patrol | TVF

  1. how do they make these videos? you can do one on any subject so the pictures got to be good- graphic art then just graphic art acting and reacting. writin'gs supposedly easy and you can put subject into it. capture what you want in the film. we like film making. we stayed in a hostel before when we ran off out of here once before. cheap places in smaller towns and NYC is higher for them. we noticed in foreign countries many are in those kind of places. they have cheaper houseing there than in usa where it's incredibly expensive.

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